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UESI-Kerala Prayer Rally

പ്രാര്‍ത്ഥനാ മുന്നേറ്റ യാത്ര

UESI-Kerala conducted a prayer rally from 25-29 May,2010.It was planned according to an initiative by the students who met during the State Conference at Tiruvalla last December.

Some of the main targets of the rally were:
1.visit the colleges, students, EU's, ICEU's and EGF's in various districts
2.State Students Leaders Meet(SSLM) to be conducted from 10-13 June,2010 at Ernakulam
3.Vision 2015

There were two teams that participated in this mega-event of UESI-Kerala.They were :
   South Team  - starting from Parassala(southern tip of Kerala) and travelling towards north ,and
   North Team  - starting from Manjeshwar(northern tip of Kerala) and travelling toward south.
By the grace of God,I got the oppurtunity to be part of the rally.I was with the South Team and I hope to give you a brief description of our journey through this post.

Kerala consists of 14 districts.Out of the the 14,the we covered 7 districts lying in the southern part of   Kerala - Trivandrum, Kollam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Idukki, and Ernakulam.The North Team covered rest of the 7 districts - Kasargod, Kannur, Wayanad, Kozhikode, Malappuram, Palakkad and Thrissur .Both of the teams planned to start their journey from both ends of the state on 25th ,visit various colleges and finally meet at UESI-Kerala centre at Ernakulam on 29th.

South Team:
The members were:
Seniors:   Siby Ninan(South region staff)
                Shibu K Mani(Kottayam)
                Viji Thomas(Trivandrum)
                Samson(South Malabar staff)
                George Mathew(Kottayam)
                Alex Mathew(Tiruvalla)

Students:  Kevin(ya......that's me)

25/05/2010 (Tuesday):
We started our journey on 25th morning at 8:00am from Parassala.At the same time,the North Team had reached Manjeshwar.

In the meantime, we had a wonderful experience.Just before reaching Parassala ,at about 7:50am,our minibus broke down in the middle of the road.Our driver tried his best to start the bus.But, all his efforts were in vain.In fact, we were expecting something bad to happen. But we didn't think of something like this.Anyway, Viji uncle was there with his car and he took all of us to Kaliyikkavila,Parassala and we immediately started our work.

Using call conferencing, parallel calls were made between the two teams and betweeen various people across the state.Then we all prayed for God's blessings throughout the journey and the success of the prayer rally .

By the Grace of God,after about 10-20 minutes,our bus got repaired. It was actually a minor loose contact. I then realized that Satan actually exists and is doing his best to destroy us by continuously giving us difficulties and problems. We are always in a battle against Satan. If we had stopped our journey when the bus broke down then Satan wins. But instead we decided to continue the journey. If we obey God we get the power to overcome Satan.

Districts covered : Trivandrum

Colleges visited   : Pankajakasturi College of Engg, Mar Ivaneous College, Mar Baselious College of Engg, Mahatma Gandhi College, University of Kerala, Sarabhai Institute of Technology, Govt.Arts College etc.

We also visited the Trivandrum ICEU and the Trivandrum EGF.

Our team at Parassala
Prayer walk through Trivandrum city

With Dhanabhai aunty

26/05/2010 (Wednesday):
Districts covered : Kollam

Colleges visited  : Valia Koonambhaikulathamma College of Engg, TKM College of Engg, Sree Narayana College, Fatima Mata College etc

We also visited the Chathanoor ICEU, Kollam EGF and Kottarakkara EGF.                                              
Chathannoor ICEU

Kollam EGF

Kottarakkara EGF

27/05/2010 (Thursday):
Districts covered : Alappuzha,Pathanamthitta

Colleges visited : College of Engg Chengannur, Christian College Chengannur, St Thomas College Kozhencherry, Bishop Moore College Mavelikkara etc

We visited an Evangelistic camp at Mavelikkara. About 36 students were present in the camp.We also visited the Ranny EGF (Theodical), Kozhencherry EGF and Tiruvalla EGF.

Evangelistic camp "Be Different" at Mavelikkara
College of Engg Chengannur
Ranny EGF

28/05/2010 (Friday):
Districts covered : Alappuzha,Kottayam,Idukki

Colleges visited : SD College, St Josephs College, UIT Alappuzha, NSS Chenganassery, Assumption College, SB College, Marian Centre Kuttikanam, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam etc

We also visited the Alappuzha EGF and Chenganassery ICEU.

Alappuzha EGF
 Kneeling down for prayer at Kuttikanam
Kottayam EGF

29/05/2010 (Saturday):
Districts covered : Kottayam, Ernakulam

Colleges visited : CMS College Kottayam, Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam, MACE Kothamangalam, CUSAT, Model Engg College Ernakulam etc

We also visited the Kothamangalam ICEU .

Both the teams met at Muvattupuzha at about 1:00 pm .We had had lunch together and then proceed to John Zachariah (one of the pioneers of UESI ministry in Kerala )sir's house.Then at about 7:00 pm we reached the UESI-Kerala centre at Edappally,Ernakulam. There, we were welcomed by the Ernakulam EU-EGF members. Then both the teams had the time for the sharing of experiences of their journey.

With Principal, CMS College Kottayam

Praying with Kerala map at Kothamangalam ICEU

At UESI-Kerala centre Edappally,Ernakulam

We tried to visit the maximum number of colleges in our 5-day journey.Whenever we reached a college,we took time to remember the college,the students and the teachers in our prayers. In some colleges ,we could easily get inside the campus(mostly Govt colleges).There,we walked around the campus and prayed for the institution.
I realized 'the new dimension' of prayer.Prayer has great power and we have decided to continue praying for our state,UESI ministry,all post-matric institutions,student community, teachers and ,most importantly, the Grace of God.I once again thank God for giving me the opportunity to be part of the prayer rally.

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  1. Even though I did not personally participate in the rally...I find this as an innovative idea in mobilising the young minds in uesi....