Saturday, 2 March 2013

Confessions of a Dreamer @ 'The City of Dreams'

Mumbai, the financial and business capital of India. The heavy cosmopolitan population, from different parts of the country, adds to her beauty. Mumbai presents to the world a perfect example of 'Unity in Diversity'. The past-faced lifestyle has always attracted the teens and youngsters. No wonder why the terrorists always hit Mumbai as Mumbai represents India itself.

But, Mumbai is also referred to as 'The City of Dreams'. Mumbaikars are always striving to make their dreams come true. People never sit idle here. People come here with many dreams. I came to this city to be part of the vibrant lifestyle in the city. What struct me the most were not parties or malls or night-life, but how the people around me fight against all the odds in their lives to make a living.

People here complain less as compared to others as they have seen the worst and learned the hard lessons about life. Life is not simply sitting before the TV or laptop or hanging out in malls or restaurants. Obviously, there is  a class of people who do this. But I am not talking about such people. Rather the "low class" people or the working class. They are not at all "low class". In fact, it is this kind of people who taught many things about life.

Millions of money are sent by the people working here to their villages for their parents, families, spouses, children etc. People don't just "make" money here but they "earn" money here. Not a single paisa should be accepted which you have not earned. I noticed many people here. The waiters working in restaurants, people selling vegetables, milk, fruits, barbers, rikshawallas, bus conductors, traffic policemen etc. It is not what you get, but what you can give.

Life becomes meaningful when you understand what you can give to the society with whatever you have learned and are learning. It is this realization which made some people "great people". People don't become great by birth. You have to earn it. Otherwise you can simply live your life and nobody is going to give a damn when you die.

The rich tradition of Mumbai has always attracted me - what has made this small landmass to hold the dreams of 150 millions of people (and still counting) and give her best to each one of them. Mumbai is like an open text book for me. Do not just live your life. But "LIVE" your life.

Get Set...Po!

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