Saturday, 24 August 2013

My Concerns about India

We have reached a stage where nothing can be said about the Indian politics without a word on the AAP factor. Arvind Kejriwal, along with Yogendra Yadav, Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan shifted the entire equation of politics in India. No one really cared about AAP until they pulled off the Delhi Assembly elections with 29 seats. Sadly, they could not continue for long, with only the external support of the INC. It is true that they will come out with a clear majority in Delhi if re-polling is carried out, putting an end to the Presidential rule. The AAP effect may be seen only in the metro cities. But what AAP could do was that the other parties started talking about development and policies. AAP is not supported by people with vested interests, like corporates, business magnets etc. 

India needs to strengthen its manufacturing sector. At present, a significant percentage of materials in defence sector, aviation sector, etc. are imported from outside. India has to be self-sufficient in these sectors.  FDI will have a positive impact on the Indian economy. Globalisation has only helped India in the process of becoming a significant world power.

India’s development all along the history – colonial state, independent, republic, socialist, liberal, strong world power. The tremendous growth was apparently triggered during the early 1990’s. The way India progressed after the liberalisation was implemented in the country, through the abolishment of the ‘License Raj’. Growth is better compared to EU and USA. But compared to other nations in BRICS, India is not performing well since the past couple of years, as it used to in the beginning of 21st century. 

Corruption within bureaucracy, red-tapism in government offices, under-performing public sector, corrupt politicians, and inefficient media are some of the problems the nation is currently plodding with. Accepting bribes has become nothing less than something ordinary for the babus. Various projects and plan gets stalled due to careless politicians who eye only the public funds to steal from. When compared to private sector which performs at par with MNC standards, public sector in the Indian economy has always been under-performing. 

MNREGA is a not a good scheme in terms of ensuring productive growth. In rural areas, people get paid even for wandering around MNREGA work sites. Unavailability of sufficient labour force for farming and agriculture activities is a problem created by MNREGA. India needs to get rid of caste politics. Representatives should not be elected based on their religion or family (e.g. Rahul Gandhi) or parents(e.g. Akhilesh Yadav). But, it should be done purely on the basis of one's drive to serve the nation. In fact, it is better to have availability, rather than ability.

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